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AOEnet Sitemap

Age-Of-Empires.net is dedicated to all things Age Of Empires. Here you will be able to learn everything you need to enjoy a game of Age Of Empires, download trial versions of the game, find the latest updates and patches as well as chat to other players in the Age-Of-Empires.net Forum.

Age Of Empires 1
The very first in the series. It seems outdated and basic in comparison with the newer versions, but still makes for a very entertaining game.
Download Age Of Empires 1 trial version and test it out, you'll have fun.

Age Of Empires 2
This is still a very popular choice and the version which set the standards for this great game. Download Age Of Empires trial version, or better still, buy Age Of Empires Gold Edition for just 4.99
If you already play, do you have the latest Age Of Empires patch? The latest patch fixes known issues with LAN connectivity and other multiplayer bug. A must have for any serious player.
We have also put together a list of Age Of Empires 2 cheats. Better your odds with a few shortcuts or go all out and have a cheating game with your mates.

Become A Games Tester


Age Of Empires 3
The latest edition in the Age Of Empires series. With dramatically improved graphics and camera views you will be impressed for sure. The game also has a some great new features which just add to the experience. Resource collection isn't so demanding on your time allowing you to concentrate on the game at hand.
There is a collection of Age Of Empires 3 Cheats available for you to browse. When every player is allowed to cheat in the game, it can really make for an interesting and tactically different game.
Make sure you have the latest Age Of Empires patch installed. These patches fix known issues with graphics stability and AI improvements during multiplayer games.
Download the Age Of Empires Trial version here.

Age Of Empires 4
Monitor the latest news and publications on the highly anticipated new version of this great series. Keep up to date or discuss your opinions in the Age Of Empires Forum.

Cheats for Age Of Empires
Find here a comprehensive list of cheats for Age Of Empires.

Other Platforms
Did you know that you can play Age Of Empires DS on your DS Lite? Learn more about the game, see some screen shots and buy your copy here.
Age Of Empires 3 Mobile Edition is available for download directly to your mobile phone. View a video of the game play and screen shots for the Age Of Empires Mobile Edition.

Online Games
Playing online games these days is the norm. Why play on your own when you could meet up with mates or online communities to play your favourite games.
We have put together a collection of links for you to buy PC games online and save money.
Play Age Of Empires online using the Metaboli system as well as any of the latest games, all for the single monthly payment.
A favourite of ours is the Age Of Mythology game. Very similar to Age Of Empires, but with some great twists to the game. This is a great alternative and ads all the greatest hero's and mythology creatures.

Find and download free online games from Big Fish Games Online. These small, but very entertaining games are fun to play over and over again. Play each game for 1 hour before you buy.
Age Of Castles is a fun online game which allows you to build your own Kingdom and troops. Make allies of your neighbours or attack them and steal their resources.
We love to play Age Of War. This fun online game is a tactical defence/attack game. Collect more resources by killing your enemies troops. Use these resources to build your own troops and advance through the ages.
Are you looking for a real time online game? This is for you. Kings Age allows you to build up your Kingdom and spread across the map. Send a message to username AOEnet to join our Alliance and get protected during the early stages of the game.

Age-Of-Empires.net Forum
Read and chat about the game and meet other players from all over the world. All aspects of Age Of Empires are covered in the forum. Sign up today for free and post your thoughts.


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